Travertino Spanish Marble

Travertine is a more or less porous light color between yellow and light brown limestone. 
Is normally installed on the facades or honed cutting disc, usually installed indoors chewed resins, in color or transparent resin that show the natural orifices. 
Material versatile as they come supports any type of texture, polished, honed or unpolished, often used as a building material since ancient times. 
Usually utlizarse all projects both inside and outside.
 Volumetric weight:                                          2.467 kg/m3 
 Compression strength:                               1.114 kg/cm2 
 Bending strength:                                            153 kg/cm2
 Abrasion resistance:                                           0,53 mm 
 Absorption:                                                     0.81 by weight 
 Thermal expansion coefficient:             0.0048 mm / m.. or C 
 Total Porosity:                                            5.6 (high porosity)
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