Natural stone Cream Marfil, is found in nature into large blocks extracted from quarries of Alicante. In our factory, we cut slabs or tiles to the required length, tiles with different sizes, 80x80, 70x70, 60x60, 40x40 etc. Slabs with thickness two and three centimeters and size depend the blocks size. Stone that supports all types of finished, polished, honed or unpolished. 
Cream Marfil is one of the younger commercial marble in the market and the first important work in which it was used, was the Supreme Court of Washington (1928). Today Cream Marfil marble is the largest global production, It´s the best cream stone, internationally recognized, because its color richness, excellent polish, its excellent physical qualities and impact resistance combined with low water absorption coefficient.
SPAIN’S MARBLES by IGM (Instituto Geológico y Minero de España)
Mineral Composition: Calcite, fossil remains. Dolomite, Opaques.
Microscopic Description: Rock formed by fossil remains, off and on filling of micrite, with a sparitic matrix.
Volumetric weight:                                                              2,70 grs/cm3
Coefficient of absorption:                                                        0,16%
Porosity:                                                                                     0,10%
Compression strength:                                                       683 kg/cm2
Flexure strength:                                                                   94 kg/cm2
C.Strength After Freezing Test:                                         691 kg/cm2
Friction wear resistance:                                                         5,2 mm
Impact strength:                                                                       37,5 cm
Knoop microhardness:                                                      181 kg/mm2
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The surface of this Stone allows any type of finish, highlighting its polished finish, highly recommended for indoor flooring and tiling by the brightness it brings to the room. The Crema Marfil marble with honed or aged finish is the best choice for outdoor use.
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Slab Crema Marfil marble, 2 cm thick and finished polished. Main applications of Cream Marfil are the coating of vertical parameters, the stair treads and flooring, considered one of the best Spanish Marbles.

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Dark Emperador slabs, finished polished, 2cm thick, Natural Stone from Spain.

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Hospital floor recepcion with the best Spanish Marbles, Crema Marfil tiles and Red Alicante.

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Main applications of Crema Marfil, the coating of vertical parameters, the stair treads and flooring.

The Crema Marfil used in interior that is exposed to acid and detergent, must be polished.

The capillary suction of Crema Marfil is low and without capillary network, as befits a well recrystallized rock. But it is enough for the contribution of salts from the water could change the color and alter the material.
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Negro Marquina Spanish marble, slabs honed and tiles 40x40, 60x30 and 80x80 polished, the Negro Marquina Marble has a very intense black color in which white streaks may appear, to a greater or lesser extent. 

Main applications of marble Black Marquina are indoor decoration, kitchens bathrooms floors and stairs.



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Slabs 2cm Polished, Spanish marble Rojo Alicante, preparing to load a container.

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Process of loading, container marble slabs 2cm polished, cream marble from Spain.

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Process of loading a container, tiles Dark Emperador and Crema Marfil 60x60x2 cm, polished first choice, Marbles of Spain.

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