Rojo Alicante from Spain

    This marble is a recrystallized red limestone with white veining. The red color is due to mild iron oxide staining, and are precisely the veins, the purest of mineral composition: CaCO3, which gives them their white color.

    SPAIN'S MARBLES by IGME (Instituto Geologico y Minero de España)

    Briefly summarized by saying that some trials tell us about the Rojo Alicante as a crystalline material with irregular grains and pores, despite not being a strictly marble, has good mechanical strength, except in terms of impact, generally good behavior against moisture and temperature, but not against acid and probably also against soluble salts.

    Macroscopic Description: This marble is a fine grain limestone, with variable reddish tones and white veins.
    Mineral Composition: Calcita. Opaques.
    Microscopic Description: Micrite with some fossil remains. 


    Rojo Alicante marble Tiles

    Volumetric weight: 2,71 grs/cm3
    Coefficient of absorption: 0,10%
    Porosity: 0,30%
    Compression strength: 965 kg/cm2
    Flexure strength: 89 kg/cm2
    C.Strength After Freezing Test:

    856 kg/cm2

    Friction wear resistance: 2,42 mm
    Impact strength: 30 cm
    Knoop microhardness: 153 kg/mm2



    • Main applications of Rojo Alicante, the coating of vertical parameters, the stair treads, flooring and ornaments.
    • The weakness against acid is the major drawback of the material..

    The most current deterioration of Rojo Alicante marble is due to soluble salts, mostly absorbed by capillary action, is a process of successive surface ruptures due to increased sales volumes in the series 'hydration-dissolution-precipitation'. The acids in polluted environments will result in changes in chemical nature stone, mainly sulfate and carbonate. Biological agents and the temperature usually does not create serious problems.
    Solved with a waterproof layer that prevents water by capillary rise.


    WALLS min. 1cm Polished
    FLOORING min. 2cm or 3cm Polished
    STAIR min. 2cm or 3cm Polished
    WORKTOP min. 2cm or 3cm Polished
    WALLS min. 2cm Rought
    FLOORING min. 3cm or 4cm Acid washed
    SKIRTING min. 1cm or 2cm Polished
    STEP min. 2cm or 3cm Polished
    Rojo Alicante marble Slabs

    The most decisive of a material for coating, is its own weight (density) which will determine the allocation system. Likewise, in the lower area is also determining the impact resistance.

    In the paving is particularly important chemistry (especially indoors), impact resistance and wear resistance.

    The same goes for the stairs, and add a new requirement, resistance to bending as the placement of the pieces. Moreover, we must distinguish between placement on the outside and inside. The place abroad poses new requirements for resistance to thermal shock and frost and therefore absorption.

    In addition, we must not only consider whether their use is outdoors or indoors, but the kind of environment that we're going to find. There are outdoor environments contaminated or near the sea. In the first case will become more relevant chemical resistance of the material. In the second, resistance to salt attack.

    If the use will be indoors, there may be wetlands due to the presence of groundwater, water leaks, etc. In this case you must take into account the water absorption, capillarity and resistance to salt water contained in the material.

    But there are features that must be taken into account regardless of their use, which are those related to the durability and appearance of the material.

    Given all these conditions we recommend the use of material, so as to present a proper appearance at all times to stay put and have a longer life.

    In addition to the features that are influenced by the use, you must take into account the thickness required in each case to prevent a deterioration of the material breaks, unable to withstand an impact, compression or bending. 

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