Black Marquina Marble has a very intense black color in which white streaks may appear, to a greater or lesser extent. 
Black Marquina Marble is found in nature into large blocks, making it possible to be traded on slabs or cut tiles to the required length. Also supports all types of finishes polished, honed unpolished. 
Main applications of marble Black Marquina are indoor decoration, kitchens bathrooms floors and stairs.
Aparent Density                                                                                       2680 Kg/m3
Open porosity                                                                                                0.2%
Abrasion resistance. Wide wheel abrasion test (Capon)                21.5 mm
Water absorption at atmospheric pressure                                            0.1%
Flexural strenght under concentrated load                                          14.4 Mpa
Frost resistance                                                                                       Resistant
Breaking load at dowel hole                                                                    2200 N
Slip resistance in dry conditions (SRV 'dry')                                             70
Slip resistance in wet conditions (SRV 'wet')                                           45
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