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Light Emperador, polished slabs two centimeters thickness, Marbles of Spain.

    Light Emperador, natural stone extracted from Spanish quarries, Light classical marble with irregular and crossed vein, very used in interior decoration, flooring, wall, bathroom designs, vanity top, countertops, mosaic, carpet, stair, riser and Marble cladding.
    Stone with high quality and very stylish that contrasts perfectly combining with other colors, it supports all types of finishes, polished, honed and unpolished.
    Main applications of Light Emperador, the coating of vertical parameters, the stair treads and flooring.
    The Light Emperador marble used in interior that is exposed to acid and detergent must be polished.
    Deterioration and discoloration due to moisture by capillary action amounting bringing dissolved salts and materials.
    Solved with a waterproof layer that prevents water by capillary rise.
    The low impact resistance indicated to be used in places with little risk to it.
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